since 1992...

...faithfully following the Tradition of Solid Greek Cuisine.

Amongst the most popular destinations on the Island of the Knights, the village of Psinthos is situated halfway between the Valley of the Butterflies and the site of Seven Springs. This is where you find ARTEMIDA, a traditional tavern located within just 900 meters from the settlement’s main square, on the road to Archipolis and the Seven Springs.
ARTEMIDA is a family-owned and run tavern that has, since its opening in 1992, been faithfully following the tradition of solid Greek cuisine, based on prime quality, fresh, locally produced raw materials and meats originating from the villages in the area, using olive oil produced by the tavern owners. Bread served on the premises is also locally kneaded and baked in a traditional wood-burning oven.

Taverna Artemida - Rodos

ARTEMIDA Tavern features high amongst the suggested establishments in such internationally acclaimed travel guides as MARCO POLO, MICHAEL MÜLLER VERLAG, BEDECKER and MERIAN LIVE, HOLIDAY CHECK besides becoming the proud laureate of TripAdvisor’s “CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE – 2014 WINNER”.
ARTEMIDA Tavern is definitely worth a detour, certain as it is to win you over, just as it has done for so many other visitors before you!